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Have you had your site Link Profile Detoxed?


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Below are Informational Points

1)     Over the last 5-7 years Google has made an immense number of changes to it’s algorithm.  So many that they recently announced that their changes will be ongoing and constant, and no further announcements will be made by …

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Three Steps on How to Increase your number of Likes through Facebook Marketing By Mindshark Marketing

What really makes an effective Facebook Marketing? There are a million of articles that preach about Facebook Marketing yet we never stop finding ways on how Facebook Marketing can be really effective. People catch on the trend easily and it seems like the secret is in finding ways to innovate your Facebook Marketing tactics. It’s …

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Top 10 Current Trends in Web Development by Mindshark Marketing

Mindshark Marketing continues to study the latest trends in SEO, which includes web development. For this year, we’ve counted down the top trends in web development and we’ll share them with you through this article.

1.) Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated. The current trend in web development gave a whole new meaning to “simplicity is beauty” and …

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Mindshark Marketing Solutions to SEO Gone Wrong

This article will show you how Mindshark Marketing handles SEO problems, whether they’re just about to emerge or if they’re already present in your website. By now, you probably know what elements of SEO affect your search ranking positions. If you’ve already hired an SEO company to do the job for you, perhaps …

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Mindshark Marketing: Step up your game in SEO

Mindshark Marketing believes that companies measure the success of their SEO by the profit they receive from their monetary investment and hard work. Mindshark Marketing knows that profit is what fuels the business. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to throw away your cash on SEO services for the hope that it will eventually work …

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Mindshark Marketing on Review Management

Mindshark Marketing can improve your site’s visibility through Reputation Management and Review Management. Whether your website is offering a product, service, or it represents you as a professional; reviews and testimonials from clients are helpful in building your credibility and believability. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in getting you quality …

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Save Your Reputation with Mindshark Marketing’s Reputation Management

In this article, Mindshark Marketing explains reputation management to help your business survive a bad rumor wildfire. You’ve probably heard of horror stories of celebrities or famous companies that got into a tangled up mess due to a harm done online in their reputation. This is something you don’t want to happen to you or …

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Mindshark Marketing on Twitter Marketing

Mindshark Marketing uses twitter to its advantage because twitter marketing is another effective way to promote businesses. Twitter is so trendy nowadays where almost everyone is on smart phones and androids where twitter is easily accessible. Everyone seems to have something to voice out thus making twitter a famous place to be heard and socialize. …

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Mindshark Marketing on Facebook Marketing

When it comes to Facebook Marketing, Mindshark stands firmly on the premise of not spamming. Spamming on Facebook will only lead to your account getting banned and develop disinterest among your business’ followers. Hard selling often results to negative feedback among people; and it scares away potential customers when it comes to Facebook marketing. What …

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Mindshark Marketing CEO on Effective SEO

Mindshark Marketing CEO  thrives to take Search Engine Optimization at its finest. By providing an unparalleled service to businesses that aim to increase their online presence and by staying at the top of their game without dirty techniques most SEO agencies are getting drawn into. Mindshark Marketing CEO  designed his company’s services to cater to …

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