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Development includes site planning to look and feel design, branding, functionality and navigation. There are 3 main objectives for site development which include: making a site more seo-friendly, user-friendly and conversion-friendly, all based on goals set in site planning.

Everything stems from these 3 objectives. If one area is left out, you can bet the customer will not be happy at some point sooner rather than later.

Website development involves the following steps:

  1. Planning & Research
    1. – Goal determination & assessing current website through:
    2. – SEO Site Analysis (this is usually all you need),
    3. – User Impact Assessment …and if needed,
    4. – SEO full Audit (a complete seo forensic site examination and reporting, which is rarely done)
  2. Market & Competitive Research
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Site wireframe design
  5. Website Design & Layout (within company’s marketing and branding parameters)
  6. SEO-friendly Site build from wireframe, navigation and content needs
  7. Content development including text, images, multi-media, dynamic elements, etc.
  8. Content writing and keyword silo build including all links within the site.
  9. – Content writing includes site copy, blog posts, articles, PR, social site writing, ad copy, etc.
  10. – Keyword implementation could be either the site owner and/or the SEO specialist inserting keyphrases in a strategic seo-friendly manner.
  11. Beta testing and final site launch

Phase 2: Internet Marketing (SEM)

Internet Marketing involves two steps in every discipline:

  1. Setups
  2. Ongoing monthly:
    1. – site optimization & re-optimization
    2. – strategic campaign management (including site monitoring)
    3. – industry, keywords/tools and search engine trend watching/assessing/ongoing education
    4. – measuring and testing
    5. – content addition and adjustment
    6. – technical tweeks/adjustments/repairs

Phase 3: Measurement & Tracking

Measurement and tracking involves a setup and ongoing monthly campaign including:

  1. Site setup and monitoring through Analytics (Google Analytics is the main tool used here)
  2. Lead management
  3. Performance Reporting
  4. Site adjustment based on visitor behavior, site performance and then adjustments made
  5. through data-driven decision making based on approved recommendations by client
  6. Start the next phase: collect data and comparing that data to the previous phase results

Web Maintenance

Ongoing monthly maintenance must be part of the ongoing equation. A web maintenance process must be in place to fix technical/functional problems, adjust site content through strategic development and adding content to update the site’s audience and to comply with search engines’ unwritten rule of developing ongoing fresh content.

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