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Video Optimization

As companies begin to understand the importance of videos online, they are demanding more and more exposure to this medium. Having a video on your website and social sites like Youtube is becoming one of the most dominant ways to get your message to more people.

To illustrate just how effective Video Marketing is, here are a few points about the impact of videos:

  • You Tube has continued to grow and is the second most viewed website.
  • It is becoming easier for people to view your videos and you can achieve top rankings in the search engine results with less effort.
  • You can target specific keyword phrases and generate a constant stream of free targeted traffic.

Here is what is included:

  • Video optimization (video files supplied by client or created by Mindshark Marketing)
    • Formatting for online viewing
    • Segmentation of video and watermarking with client URL
  • Submission to 10+ video engines
    • Profile creation and video uploads
    • Title, description & tag addition
  • Link Building
    • Facebook, Youtube, Digg and other video sites (create numerous users and links to video through profiles)

Image, Document & Presentation SEO

It is worth mentioning that as part of our monthly SEO, any document that have html text and keywords on it, around it or hidden inside can be indexed by the search engines and optimized by Mindshark.

Documents that our clients strategically create for SEO and other marketing purposes include:

  • PDFs (created by text-based applications)
  • Images (created in photo-editing applications)
  • Presentations like powerpoints or camtasia studio, etc.
  • Blog posts and social media applications
  • Craigslist and other directory ads
  • Google Local ads

Media Centre

A media centre is a powerful tool that allows potential clients to feel more on a personal level with you. This tool helps convert visitors to leads and can help increase your rankings on search engines.

Mindshark Marketing can take care of all the steps of video creation and upload to get your company exposed. Our videos are created to grab the attention of your visitors and make contact

Static Media

This portion of the project includes uploading an existing video to your home page or media centre.

Includes file formatting to flash and content placement for best effect as well as editing, organization, video capture, and compression of files for website use.

Media Centre Integration

A media centre can include the media player, categorized videos and other supportive media or documents like press/media releases, white papers, reports and pdf spec sheets for products, etc.

After video content is optimized, the videos are integrated in the media centre and/or other relevant areas of a website like a home page.

Media Centre Creation (including video shoot)

Media production includes consulting, filming and editing of the video and then integrated into the media centre of the website and any other sites like your Facebook page, Youtube channel and other promotion that we plan out from the beginning.


Depending on the nature of your goals, you get into the video game very cost-effectively. For less than $100, you can have a video uploaded and ready to be seen by thousands to millions of people.

For some great ideas regarding video optimization, submission or anything you would like to discuss, please contact us

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