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Top 10 Current Trends in Web Development by Mindshark Marketing

Mindshark Marketing continues to study the latest trends in SEO, which includes web development. For this year, we’ve counted down the top trends in web development and we’ll share them with you through this article.

1.) Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated. The current trend in web development gave a whole new meaning to “simplicity is beauty” and …

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Gauge Your Online Potential via Website Analysis

Achieving a marketable online presence for your business’ website, considering North America’s 272.1 million online users and potential customers, does not end in having a well-designed website. With over 15 billion web pages circulating the World Wide Web every day, and supposing a million web pages highlighting the same …

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Who owns your website?

I got an email from a new client the other day that reminds me of countless people I have spoken with in regards to what is going on with their website… or at least the website they think they own. That is the point of this post along with …

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