Mindshark Marketing continues to study the latest trends in SEO, which includes web development. For this year, we’ve counted down the top trends in web development and we’ll share them with you through this article.

1.) Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated. The current trend in web development gave a whole new meaning to “simplicity is beauty” and “less is more”. Providing your web visitors with a simple website interface is a huge plus factor. People are drawn to hassle-free browsing because they feel comfortable in navigating your site easily. Businesses nowadays try to achieve low-key, intuitive, and minimalistic designs. The simpler the navigation design is, the lesser the distractions.

2.) jQuery/CSS3/HTML5 Animation. HTML5 and CSS3 are said to be the next generation of the web, and will encompass the possibilities in web design and web development. Combining these with an action-oriented language such as jQuery, the range of effects and applications that can be produced is astonishing. With this, you get outstanding aesthetic and animated effects with fewer lines of code.

3.) Infographics. These are graphics or visual representations of data, knowledge, or information. Infographics quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. This is one of the simplest forms in which content can be presented to the consumer. It promotes sharing of information in an uncomplicated, visually appealing manner.

4.) Ribbons & Banner Graphics. If you browse many websites, you probably noticed that ribbons, badges, and banners are trending right now. Ribbons and banner graphics with a 3D look are especially popular designs right now.

5.) Customized Font Faces. Custom font faces gives more personality and individuality to a website, thus, custom font faces are here to stay. Besides, we’re tired of seeing the same old font faces like the Arial, veranda, Helvetica, and worst — Times New Roman.

6.) Multi-Column or Mega Menus. Mega menus refer to drop down menus that contain columns of links. The best features of this menu is that it’s pure CSS only, it’s multi-level, it gives multiple menus under a single page, it’s HTML List based, it’s supported by all of the latest browsers, it supports IE6 with Conditional comments, it’s browser compatible, light weight, and most of all — it’s flexible. It can work for three or more levels (just tweak them in CSS).

7.) Huge Artworks. Simple websites with eye-popping artworks seem to be one of the biggest current trends in web development. You will notice a lot of freshly-designed websites to have huge vector graphics or artworks somewhere in the page. The artwork often symbolizes what the website is about, or it could simply add to the visual experience you get when navigating a page with simple, intuitive menus.

8.) Flash. Resurgence of Adobe’s Flash technology in 2012 goes to show that Flash is here to stay for a good while. Web development professionals still believe that Flash remains to be the best tool for interactive video, animation, and 3D online.

9.) Fixed-Position Navigation. This never allows the user to lose sight of the directory links as they scroll — and this feature is getting more popular as time passes by.

10.) Responsive Interface Design. This is about creating interfaces that adapt to the user’s capabilities in terms of form and function.

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