Mindshark has lived on the proverbial roller coaster that all great companies have to endure for them to attain established success status in their chosen industry. From being only an idea that couldn’t be pushed away as billions other ideas have, to materializing in discussions and eventual implementation, there seems to be no hurdle tall enough to put the ideas that formulate Mindshark as a Marketing services provider to a halt.


    Created back in 2012, mind shark saw the era when marketing meant a totally different thing as when you read this article. A lot of innovative pivoting when needed has seen Mindshark pushing through and past possible closures as technology and other methods of doing core marketing activities morphed. Their culture of always learning new ways and keeping up with the latest marketing trends has been instrumental in getting as far as they have, given lots more companies with almost the same DNA as theirs close every year.


    Crucial to their past success was the adoption of new methods into their services lists. When conceived, the thought that people would need to invest in social media efforts was still fresh and few people saw platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as potential client attraction avenues. Visionary navigation from the CEO and his cohort of equally inventive associates  caused the shift from being a largely outbound marketing focused firm to the adoption of more advanced inbound marketing company.


    It was one of the first firms to note the temperature shift from outbound to inbound in marketing requirements among the other marketing companies they share the tank with. A lot of strategic planning as well as testing of the shift idea evidently made for successful continuation of operations and after perfecting each method, a lot of clients still queue to have their efforts to secure and keep clients behind their products, in the charge of Mindshark Marketing.


    Some of the services that have seen customers lists piling up include;


    1. Social media management – as mentioned earlier, social media has become a huge supply of clients for customers who optimize their accounts and exert efforts in the right way. This is not natural knowledge. Mindshark Marketing has spent more than the ten thousand hours required to become masters of the social media world. Small efforts from the specialists in their creativity labs can draw in more new customers than huge cash investments with other firms provide.


    The social media optimization services offered by us have been known to reduce the marketing budgets of their clients substantially. Where more money went out that results from new customers, if any, companies now enjoy investing small budgets that allow them more clients and even open new ways to communicate with potential clients on a personal level once thought harmful to the image of the organization.


    1. Content provision – with the times having moved from outbound to inbound marketing, the need to have clients find you and read the exact combination of words that will have them pick up the phone to secure your services has never been higher. Copywriters working with Mindshark have perfected the art of doing the above and going beyond just getting a client to buy your services.


    Companies can now have followers of their developments in the form of new services and products and in turn create lifelong bonds previously unimaginable. From being recognized as the best services provider in your niche, a state where clients become repeaters of your marketing efforts in their network because they know how good your services are, to actually becoming the dominant authority in your industry, copy-crafters can have people rallying behind you. This is one special service that makes us stand out from the noise in the industry where noise is a good thing.


    1. Website design – a lot of companies realized long back that they would melt away without websites, they however never considered the gems that make the good websites return the investments spent on them. Companies that approach Mindshark Marketing always get the best design and development services, comparable and able to dwarf any of their competitors’.


    A lot of developers make websites from the perspective of their super user position, this is one mistake that was learned and dodged a long time ago by Mindshark as a clever company. Instead, websites in the charge of Mindshark Marketing are designed from the perspective of the intended target. Imagine the converting power that a familiar website would have if users felt the connection with it from the moment the home page appears, perfect positioning of media elements and not too busy trying to get users do boring things (like filling long forms).


    1. Search engine optimization – every time you need to know what something means or where a new city is located, the first thing you possible do without even conscious effort is look it up on search engines. This makes search engines very powerful for people to find your products and services. The war to appear on the first page of search results after certain word combinations have been searched is a constant battle won only by those who have perfected their SEO skills.


    Companies on the client list of Mindshark’s SEO specialists enjoy getting new clients almost every time their niche services are searched for through Google and other search engines. While a lot of marketing companies all claim to have perfected the skills to get on the first page of search results on popular search engines, Mindshark needs not shout any louder than the results from their efforts on clients’ websites.

    1. Image upkeep – search engines finding your company can turn sour if what they find is bad things about your services. Almost all companies create some form of enemy from either eny as competitors wish to take over their market share or through individuals reeking havoc on their image after some personal experiences. This is knows that no matter how careful a company is, they will brush shoulders and exchange words with other companies or even employees they let go.


    Instead of leaving peacefully, these new enemies can write bad content concerning your company and cause you to lose business and even the fall of stocks on exchange platforms. This makes the correction of such defamatory measures urgent and sensitive to only the best and capable, like Mindshark Marketing. With appropriate image damage control and recovery methods, mindshark will wipe the slate clean for your company not to suffer from harmful articles published about it on the internet. Mindshark has helped a lot of clients with this matter in the past. The legal advisors at Mindshark’s reach will encourage professional action and if needed the attaining of settlements for the damage such actions can cause on your organization.

    What is the future of marketing and where does Mindshark fit in?

    The field of marketing is ever changing, that is the only constant statement any marketing company can agree with, so is the fact that Mindshark will keep their top shape with every twist and turn of the way forward. Every new social media platform comes with new opportunities for clients being served by Mindshark to benefit from. This is because of the futuristic learning attitude that takes Mindshark Marketing past the efforts and intensity of results of it’s competition.


    Inbound is the new way of marketing, as expressed by their CEO, and the perfection of world standard methods will see companies adding onto client lists as well as getting more benefits from their marketing budgets.


    A lot of marketing companies are partnering with media houses to integrate their services. With penetration of industries like the Video Games and them making billions from users every time they release a product, it is not uncommon for advertisements to sip into the space and have gamers conditioned to drink certain brands from billboards they pass by in virtual worlds. Marketing companies could tap into this opportunity and cash in on the fact that more game are online playable, making advertising all their clients as easy as placing a banner on a website.


    Targeting is also a great leap in the future of marketing. Mindshark is capable of targeting any demographic their clients prefer their advertisements to appear and lure towards products. More targeting methods are currently being rolled out. Even the ability to retarget a visitor after they leave your website and go to social media, methods that cause clients to rethink and consider your products as they go through their normal activities, are now being implemented by Mindshark to get clients the results they deserve.


    Mindshark will continue growing in bounds and include every new innovation to their service provisions. This will not only keep Mindshark alive, it will also see clients staying on top of their industries prefered companies lists and lower the cost of getting the same results they wished were possible before joining Mindshark Marketing.


    Image from LinkDetox.com

    Below are Informational Points

    1)     Over the last 5-7 years Google has made an immense number of changes to it’s algorithm.  So many that they recently announced that their changes will be ongoing and constant, and no further announcements will be made by them.

    Details of Google updates : http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change

    2)     During this period of constant change, different types of back links have been more effective than others, and certain types of links didn’t even exist prior!!  (certain social links, pdf sites, book mark sites etc).   In today’s environment there are yet again certain links which are generating the best results vs other links which have no impact, and yet others which can cause negative impact.

    Examples: directory links, and guest comment / blog links were useful before.   Today very select high quality guest blogs are only useful, and very few directories are recommended for linking.   In the past exact match anchor text was used very frequently, whereas today this practice is considered spammy and hinders ranking and traffic increases.  Today a much higher percentage of generic and naked url anchor text is used such as “click here” or “visit this page”  or  www.yoursite.com”

    3)     The existing ‘link-mix’ or ‘link profile’ of a site can drastically affect the ability for a site to gain further high rankings and traffic, even with ongoing quality linking.   This is where a link audit, and link detox can assist by identifying the current mix, and then eliminating certain % of other links which are throwing the current mix off from the ‘ideal profile’.

    Example:  an ideal link profile will have only 5-10% exact match anchors, from relevant geo located sites with high PR or authority.  An ideal link mix will also have a diverse range of c-blocks for ip addresses and will not have a high saturation coming from very few sites.  Almost all sites are off the ‘ideal’ to some degree, and therefore cleaning or detoxing the link profile will provide improvement.  Much like detoxing the body will help you to feel healthy and perform better, so will detoxing of a site’s link profile.

    4)     In the recent years there have been several sophisticated softwares developed and experts, including those at our firm, have tested the various solutions on a set of sites to see if improvements could be made to a site’s ranking and traffic, regardless of whether they had received a ‘manual penalty’ from Google or NOT.

    Example:  Linkdetox and Rmoov are such software.  Some of the largest and top brands in the world use this software as you can see from their websites.  Does this mean that all those sites were using black hat tactics?  NO it simply means that these firms want to keep their link profile as optimal as possible for maximum performance and results.  They are investing heavily in SEO and other marketing and don’t want a poor link mix to hinder the progress.

    5)     Our findings have shown that almost all the sites tested gained measurable benefit in terms of rankings and traffic.  It is for this reason that we are recommending that all sites have a link audit conducted in the least, and thereafter have a link detox performed to create a very ‘natural link profile’.

    Example:  we performed detox on sites that had very bad link profiles, as well as those which had quite good (but not perfect) link profiles.   All instances showed improvement.

    Below are Frequently Asked Questions

    1)     I have only hired white hat SEO firms to work on my links.  Why do I need a link detox?

    Nobody NEEDS or is FORCED to have a link detox.  It is a professional recommendation just like a doctor would recommend for you to exercise or eat healthier or reduce your meats and fats to improve your cholesterol.

    Any SEO firm who has been delivering linking services over the last several years has had to constantly change their methods of linking to be in line with the ever changing Google algorithm.   Through this process it absolutely impossible for a site to ‘end up’ with the most ideal and perfect link profile.   Yes many sites can have very good profiles.   However even good sites can benefit from a link audit and detox to eliminate potential hurdles which are affecting the site now or could in the future.

    2)     If the SEO firm created the links why should there be a cost to remove or clean certain links?

    Again link detox is like a tune-up.   Tune-ups are not mandatory but they are highly recommended to keep up the performance.  Without tune-ups cars die sooner, people fall ill and don’t live as long, and similarly a site would start to lose performance and ability to rank will be hindered in the long run.

    If you hired an SEO firm to build certain links and had them agree before hand to ensure that the links are within a specific ratio and percentage , then ofcourse the SEO firm should fix the link profile at their cost the parameters were laid out prior.  This has never been seen to be the case because as Google changes, so do the methods that SEO firms use.   Google is trying to identify the best quality sites.  If it were ever the case, those percentages would be completely wrong in today’s environment, and you would not want to have them as per original agreement.  An SEO must evolve and keep up with the industry and standards.   In the cases where we have built the client’s site and domain from scratch and controlled everything from the start, we have more ideal link profiles, and even there we are doing link detoxing to ensure optimal performance. 

    3)     How could my site have accumulated any really BAD links or spammy links?

    In many cases this can happen unintentionally over time through various means.   You or your staff or vendors, customers, may have posted on sites with improper links or anchor text.    Press releases may have been sent out with over usages of certain anchor texts (they may have even boosted your rankings in the past).    SEO firm that was building white hat links may have used some anchor text ratios of links which were considered very good and ideal at the time, however now based on Google’s latest updates, they are considered not ideal.  Lastly competitors may have spammed your site with bad quality links.  We have seen the latter occur in many cases, and it goes undetected by the Site owner until a link audit is done.   In some cases the site owner themselves hired a linking or SEO firm to build links, and they just built very bad low quality links.  Any combination of the above is possible.

    4)      If I do not undertake the link detox , is my site going to suffer or be stuck completely ?

    This is a case by case situation.  If your link profile is just in the ‘non ideal’ zone then with ongoing linking your site should recover.  However, this will take more time than if you DO A DETOX, because the linking has to OVERCOME the link profile issues before you will see rank increases.   A detox can drastically speed this up saving you several months or years of time at a far lower cost.

    If your site has a severely bad link profile from some spammy links perhaps created by a prior SEO firm, then this could be an almost permanent issue if left unresolved.   We highly recommend that you have a link audit done in the least, and take some detox measures to recover the site.

    Mindshark Offers Complete Link Audit and Detox Programs for all types of Sites.

    Cost :

    $750 for small link profile sites under 1000 links to remove

    $1250 for medium link profiles

    $1750 for larger link profiles

    Custom for very large brand or national sites with 10,000+ links to be removed.

    What really makes an effective Facebook Marketing? There are a million of articles that preach about Facebook Marketing yet we never stop finding ways on how Facebook Marketing can be really effective. People catch on the trend easily and it seems like the secret is in finding ways to innovate your Facebook Marketing tactics. It’s as if Facebook Marketing is such a huge mystery. However, in this article, you’ll only read about three simple yet major action plans that Mindshark Marketing finds effective on most of our clients.

    Being on Facebook will not get you very far if you don’t have a strategic way of making the most out of it. A lot of people give up so easy on social media because they don’t see results right away. It’s best to remember that any SEO effort doesn’t yield results overnight. It really does take time. For Facebook Marketing, you have to establish (1) trust, drive (2) traffic, and eventually, (3) fan loyalty. Fan loyalty could eventually be measured by the increased number of likes and also — increase in sales.

    Build Trust

    Be responsive and engaging to your fans. Interact. Socialize. Hard selling drives people away. Nobody likes the feeling of being sold. So forget about the begging and desperate-looking landing pages. Think about it this way: if you’ve got something that people really need or covet, you don’t have to ask too hard for them to like your page. If you’re going to create a landing page anyway, welcome your visitors with an offer to provide them with something, in exchange of them having to like your page first to claim their freebies. Whether it’s a tangible thing or just free downloadable goods, people are drawn to pages where they can get something from. Be creative!

    Drive Traffic

    Remember that each person who likes your page has his own network of people under him. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of sharing or “share” as how it’s known in Facebook. Once you have people in your page, run contests or activities wherein they will be encouraged to share what you have on your page and stir curiosity. Engage your fans through contests, helpful information, interesting updates, and compelling things that distract people in a manner where they will find it irresistible to share your posts.

    Maintain Fan Loyalty

    Once you’re driving regular number of traffic in your fan page, you need to maintain these people. Treat your fan page as a community apart from your business website. Your Facebook page is where you will interact and respond to your fans’ questions. Making them feel welcome and giving importance to their opinion is a big factor why fans stay loyal to a brand. These people become loyal customers when they feel comfortable, at ease, and important.

    It is an affordable SEO service that caters to any kind of business who wants to enhance their internet marketing or online presence. It is offers different kinds of services to cater each client’s different needs. Contact Mindshark Marketing now to find out more about Facebook Marketing..

    Mindshark Marketing continues to study the latest trends in SEO, which includes web development. For this year, we’ve counted down the top trends in web development and we’ll share them with you through this article.

    1.) Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated. The current trend in web development gave a whole new meaning to “simplicity is beauty” and “less is more”. Providing your web visitors with a simple website interface is a huge plus factor. People are drawn to hassle-free browsing because they feel comfortable in navigating your site easily. Businesses nowadays try to achieve low-key, intuitive, and minimalistic designs. The simpler the navigation design is, the lesser the distractions.

    2.) jQuery/CSS3/HTML5 Animation. HTML5 and CSS3 are said to be the next generation of the web, and will encompass the possibilities in web design and web development. Combining these with an action-oriented language such as jQuery, the range of effects and applications that can be produced is astonishing. With this, you get outstanding aesthetic and animated effects with fewer lines of code.

    3.) Infographics. These are graphics or visual representations of data, knowledge, or information. Infographics quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. This is one of the simplest forms in which content can be presented to the consumer. It promotes sharing of information in an uncomplicated, visually appealing manner.

    4.) Ribbons & Banner Graphics. If you browse many websites, you probably noticed that ribbons, badges, and banners are trending right now. Ribbons and banner graphics with a 3D look are especially popular designs right now.

    5.) Customized Font Faces. Custom font faces gives more personality and individuality to a website, thus, custom font faces are here to stay. Besides, we’re tired of seeing the same old font faces like the Arial, veranda, Helvetica, and worst — Times New Roman.

    6.) Multi-Column or Mega Menus. Mega menus refer to drop down menus that contain columns of links. The best features of this menu is that it’s pure CSS only, it’s multi-level, it gives multiple menus under a single page, it’s HTML List based, it’s supported by all of the latest browsers, it supports IE6 with Conditional comments, it’s browser compatible, light weight, and most of all — it’s flexible. It can work for three or more levels (just tweak them in CSS).

    7.) Huge Artworks. Simple websites with eye-popping artworks seem to be one of the biggest current trends in web development. You will notice a lot of freshly-designed websites to have huge vector graphics or artworks somewhere in the page. The artwork often symbolizes what the website is about, or it could simply add to the visual experience you get when navigating a page with simple, intuitive menus.

    8.) Flash. Resurgence of Adobe’s Flash technology in 2012 goes to show that Flash is here to stay for a good while. Web development professionals still believe that Flash remains to be the best tool for interactive video, animation, and 3D online.

    9.) Fixed-Position Navigation. This never allows the user to lose sight of the directory links as they scroll — and this feature is getting more popular as time passes by.

    10.) Responsive Interface Design. This is about creating interfaces that adapt to the user’s capabilities in terms of form and function.

    Ready to revamp your web design to enhance your SEO? Contact Mindshark Marketing for the latest innovations in web development.

    This article will show you how Mindshark Marketing handles SEO problems, whether they’re just about to emerge or if they’re already present in your website. By now, you probably know what elements of SEO affect your search ranking positions. If you’ve already hired an SEO company to do the job for you, perhaps you’re already on how complicated it is —thus the need for you to hire someone to do it for you. However, you might not know if they’re doing it right or not. The following factors will help you determine whether your SEO has gone wrong, and how Mindshark Marketing provides solutions to these problems.

    • Your SEO is not being tracked thoroughly. If you aren’t tracking your SEO efforts, how are you able to monitor your progress and see whether you’re getting back your expenditures in SEO through profit? It are provides tracking services for metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, conversion rate of lead to customer, traffic, traffic generated keywords, and listing position for keywords you’re targeting every month.
    • When your SEO wins don’t last long. When your SEO wins are short-lived and huge slips happen (i.e. position 2 to position 7 or page 1 to page 4), it’s a sign that your SEO approach is not good for long term power.Our aim for long term results. We do this by continuously creating keyword optimized content around the keywords you’re ranking for and are working to improve your link-building efforts. To know that if your SEO scheme is successful, you’ll see results for more than three months.
    • Revamping design but not the quality content, readability, and inbound links. Design can impact SEO positively or negatively. In this case, lack of good contents and inbound links won’t do you any good. Redesigning your website without these important factors in mind will not help, rather, will hurt your ranking even more. Mindshark Marketing approaches this issue by improving the quality of contents and inbound links first than just redesigning your website. On top of this, We takes care of your web development, tracks your SEO progress to have a better study of what’s really going on with your SEO and what else could be done to improve.
    • When your SEO strategy does not include social media as vital part. There is a great and complimenting relationship between SEO and social media. When you post articles with great contents on your website, sharing it to different social media avenues give your articles more exposure, and more chance to circulate further to potential customers. They make sure that great contents are backed up with terrific sharing possibilities through different social media sites.
    • Your SEO does not have a good inbound link strategy. When link building isn’t one of your SEO strategy’s priority, it becomes a problem. Although link building can happen organically, just waiting for it to happen will harm your SEO scheme. We helps build links and improve SEO naturally — in a more efficient manner by encouraging real relationships with your readers.

    For more SEO solutions, visit Mindshark Marketing’s blog or contact us for more details.

    Mindshark Marketing believes that companies measure the success of their SEO by the profit they receive from their monetary investment and hard work. Mindshark Marketing knows that profit is what fuels the business. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to throw away your cash on SEO services for the hope that it will eventually work out one day. Truth of the matter is, this kind of waste happens every day —SEO without direction, just like shooting with a blind fold. seo websites seo website . While a lot of companies have all the skill they need for success, a lot of them also fail to use them properly.

    The following are some things to consider when selecting a good SEO. These things might actually help you in finding a good SEO without spending more than what you should.

    Statistically, not all SEO are very good at the job.  In order to be very effective and proficient in SEO, it takes a lot of practice, knowledge, and experience. The best ones in SEO are very well connected, which you don’t get to buy for a few thousand bucks. An attempt to reach your audience over the web can earn you profits but an uncommitted, ill structured manner of SEO will yield the opposite. Instead of throwing away your cash to an inexperienced SEO which can cost you serious amount of money, make an extra effort in understanding what a good SEO is so that your investments will go to the right direction.

    It’s tough to step up the game in SEO when you don’t have an idea on what level to target content at. It is as though no matter what the content, we feel that our SEO is not enough. Companies feel that their SEO is not enough — this is the issue that is being used by SEO companies to convert you to a customer. They make you think that they have the “secret ingredient” or the “advanced formula”. In most cases, those “secrets” will be short-lived and would wear off because Google easily catches on. These “secrets” often fit a very narrow niche, or just some high-level techniques that require a tremendous amount of time and effort. It all boils down to one thing: there’s no magic technique that would instantly propel a website to the top rankings without serious hard work.

    This is where you’ll find out that Mindshark Marketing sets proper expectations, stay truthful, rational, and just deliver results. What other SEO clients won’t tell you is that great SEO also relates on how you interact with your clients. Keep clients engaged so that you will keep them as a loyal customer for a long time.

    Mindshark Marketing lays the cards on the table and does the real hard work. Its team of experienced and hard working professionals work by staying on top of the game with the right keyword phrases selection, in-depth view of how your competitors run their business, providing great contents, link building, and track website activities. It will analyze what these data are telling you in order for you to have a successful SEO.

    Mindshark Marketing can improve your site’s visibility through Reputation Management and Review Management. Whether your website is offering a product, service, or it represents you as a professional; reviews and testimonials from clients are helpful in building your credibility and believability. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in getting you quality leads and converting them to actual clients. Possible clients nowadays rely on testimonials or reviews to decide whether to try a product/service or not. A business that encourages their customers to submit reviews about them is most likely to have a stronger client base and conversion rate.

    Before the dawn of the popularity of social media, it is used to be believed that an unhappy customer would tell and influence ten people. Nowadays, an unhappy customer can influence hundreds or even thousands simply by writing a bad review in a review site or blog about your product or service in different blog platforms and social media sites where articles are easily shared to their network of people. You can just imagine how the rippling effect may devastate your reputation.

    On the contrary, providing an excellent service is the best way to rake great reviews and testimonials in. When your business continuously provide quality service and encourage your customers to make a review about them, then you are guaranteed to attract more potential clients in. Being able to do this will have a strong and positive impact which could be your best marketing tool.

    It is true when they say that word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool that you could have. Customer feedback or review is the best way to find out what you could do to make your business better. Mindshark Marketing believes that reviews from customers are a means to improve your internet marketing.It is here to help you track customer reviews so you can act on them.

    Don’t get discouraged when you get bad reviews. Bad reviews may emerge but this is a great opportunity to turn something that seems bad into something good — when you act on it right away. When your customers and potential customers find out that you address the issues on bad reviews right away, your customers will see that you care about them and that they’re in good hands if in case anything goes wrong with their transaction with you. You build something that is quite difficult to gain and that is TRUST.

    Communication is key. Based on our case studies, no social marketing program gets enhanced without an SEO company to help you in achieving your goals through your internet marketing efforts. Communication plays a vital role on your part as a business to interact and stay on top of what your customers are experiencing about your products or services.

    Mindshark Marketing is an affordable SEO service that caters to any kind of business who wants to enhance their internet marketing or online presence. They offer different kinds of services to cater to their clients’ different needs. Contact us now to find out more about review management.


    In this article, Mindshark Marketing explains reputation management to help your business survive a bad rumor wildfire. You’ve probably heard of horror stories of celebrities or famous companies that got into a tangled up mess due to a harm done online in their reputation. This is something you don’t want to happen to you or your business, however, what if it actually happens to you?

    It starts with a simple ignition: a bad word, video, or photo posted about you that would tarnish your reputation. You can ignore the wildfire and feel the devastating effect OR you can do something about it. If you choose to do something about it, this is where online reputation management takes place.

    Mindshark Marketing’s online reputation management does the damage control for your identity. Cleaning up the content by removing the harmful content is the best bet but is definitely not always a possible option. Most likely, you can’t just beg the content owner to take his content down. It’s not always possible to remove the content written about you —especially when the writer or owner of the content is hiding under anonymity. There are also countries where you are unable to file lawsuit or complain about abuse against the origin of the publication made against you.

    However, there is an option to drown the bad content out. If all else fail —after you’ve requested for the content to be removed and you still don’t succeed, you can drown the harm out by yourself or ask help from a team of experts who knows the proper way to do it. Drowning out harmful contents is one of Mindshark Marketing’s expertises in online reputation management.

    But what kinds of positive content is Mindshark Marketing going to publish? To give you an idea on how we drown out harmful publicity, we conduct an in-depth discussion with you on things that are vital to overpower the negative things that are being said about you.They will conduct an analysis and gather all media sources that caused you trouble with the use of our state-of-the-art technology and analytics tools.

    It’s online reputation management also may also include creating professional profiles for you and market you under a good light. With us reputation management, you can expect someone to monitor your online identity for you. Online reputation management is now one of the most important parts of the internet marketing industry. Mindshark has already been successful in this field due to its excellent study habits and staying on top of the current trends —that means that with us, you are being offered the current line of tools that truly works and yield actual results.

    Dealing with reputation management need not be a stressful effort. You can trust a company that has a satisfied, loyal client base and great reviews. Remember, reputation takes a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy. Good thing there’s a company that knows sure-fire ways to help you enhance your reputation and drown down bad reviews about you or your business. Contact us now for more information on how you can start your online reputation management..

    When it comes to Facebook Marketing, Mindshark stands firmly on the premise of not spamming. Spamming on Facebook will only lead to your account getting banned and develop disinterest among your business’ followers. Hard selling often results to negative feedback among people; and it scares away potential customers when it comes to Facebook marketing. What businesses with effective Facebook marketing realized is that the more natural and communicative your Facebook presence is, the more people interact with you. Always remember that busy means business, and people are interested to interact with businesses that have got it going on by being responsive to comments and inquiries.

    Overdoing posts in users’ or other businesses’ walls is also counted as a form of spamming. In fact, this kind of act looks like a desperate move. People are often turned off by businesses that run after them. You want people to run after you. How? Think about one particular Facebook page you liked and often go back to visit every now and then. What are their activities? Do they just advertise their products and/or services, or do they INTERACT? Facebook is called social media for a reason. You have to socialize.

    Having an administrator that responds to inquiries and make their fans feel welcome in your Facebook page can make a whole lot of difference. But how can you get people to “like” your page and interact with you? One of the most effective Facebook marketing strategies is to get people to “like” your page by giving something away. Run a contest wherein people who “like” your page can get a chance to win a product or gift certificate from your business. Run trivia questions or photo contests. These draw people to your Facebook page. After having them on your page, being interactive will build brand loyalty.

    Things in Facebook marketing that won’t work are the following:
    Unresponsiveness: This is when someone comments on a post you made — whether it’s a question, remark, or any suggestion, it’s best to response back to acknowledge a user that his or her opinion matters to you. If you get any nasty comment, it’s a smart move to response back with a positive reinforcement. It will make your business more appealing and professional.
    Neglect: A Facebook fan page that has never been touched for the last three months is a lot like sporting an unkempt hair full of split ends. A good Facebook marketing strategy is to continuously post quality content that will stir interest among readers.
    Just advertisement: If your Facebook page is just a huge wall of advertisement without interaction, pretty much it’s as boring as a lazy cat in the eyes of Facebook users.
    No instant gratification, no rewards: It’s safe to say that Facebook marketing is about being generous. It may or may not be all about prizes or physical rewards, rather, being generous in information, time to respond, and showing what users want to see makes Facebook marketing effective.

    Visit Mindshark Marketing to find out more about Facebook marketing and other services offered services..

    Mindshark Marketing uses twitter to its advantage because twitter marketing is another effective way to promote businesses. Twitter is so trendy nowadays where almost everyone is on smart phones and androids where twitter is easily accessible. Everyone seems to have something to voice out thus making twitter a famous place to be heard and socialize. In one hundred and fifty characters or less, you are able to market your business with each tweet. Sounds easy? Yes. But is it really? No. seo websites It takes a little effort to know how to get around twitter and gain interaction with followers.

    For most twitter sceptics out there, they think that twitter is senseless due to the fact that twitter is mostly popular for celebrities who rant and rave about their lives. At some point, it could be senseless but since twitter is pretty entertaining, millions and millions of users find it interesting and because of that, people get addicted to it. Your business needs to be visible where the people are, and one of the avenues for it is twitter.

    Twitter marketing becomes successful when done in a professional approach, no personal commentaries or usage, and no robotic spam messages, of course! Here are some tips in using twitter for marketing:

    –          Create a username that stands for your business or brand. If all possible usernames are already taken, you can definitely use your unique selling proposition or USP as your username in twitter.

    –          Use a logo and background image that is clear and professional looking. This adds up to the credibility of your online presence.

    –          When following people, don’t follow blindly. It’s ideal to follow people that are interested in what you are offering. If your business is location centric, it’s wise to follow people in that area who are potential clients for your business.

    –          Tweet often and tweet like a real human being. The last thing a user would follow is an account filled with robot-like advertisement tweets. Twitter marketing is about socializing with real people.

    –          Acknowledge new followers. Mention or tweet them. You can even send a direct message to them and let them feel your appreciation.

    –          Integrate your twitter to your Facebook, website, and blog site. This way, whenever you tweet, your Facebook and blog shows that tweet as well, real time.

    –          Interact with other twitters. You can mark relevant tweets as your favourite, reply to relevant tweets, and re-tweet or RT interesting and relevant tweets. This way, you build a connection with other users and the chances of you getting followed back gets higher.

    –          Last but not the least; be friendly, positive, and professional. That’s the best way to go unless your business nature requires you to be otherwise.

    The boom of twitter is primarily because of the hype, the accessibility, the entertainment, the simplicity, and how fast one can reach the world with just one tweet. Twitter marketing is fun and effective when done correctly. Visit Mindshark Marketing to find out more about Twitter marketing and other services offered services.